Издания автора: Андриевская Стелла Ивановна

Русско-английский словарь по сопротивлению материалов

Приведен актуальный глоссарий дисциплины "Сопротивление материалов".

Strength of Materials. English-Russian Dictionary

This English-Russian dictionary is intended for students of technical universities who receives education in the field of Strength of Materials. It can also be useful for stress analysts. The dictionary contains a topical glossary on some sections of the Strength of Materials course.

Introduction into Strength of Materials. Lectures

The lectures cover all basic topics of mechanics of materials and such fundamental concepts as stress, strain, elastic and inelastic behavior, strain energy, and mechanical properties of materials. Specialized topics such as stress concentrations, fatigue and dynamic loading, thermal and prestrain effects, behavior of columns, and pressure vessels are considered, too.