Introduction into Strength of Materials. Lectures

Introduction into Strength of Materials. Lectures
S.I. Andrievskaya
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Ключевые слова: Hooke’s law, compression, elasticity, fatigue, force, plasticity, strain energy, strength of materials, stress, stress concentrations, tension

The lectures cover all basic topics of mechanics of materials and such fundamental concepts as stress, strain, elastic and inelastic behavior, strain energy, and mechanical properties of materials. Specialized topics such as stress concentrations, fatigue and dynamic loading, thermal and prestrain effects, behavior of columns, and pressure vessels are considered, too.

Lecture 1. Introduction
Lecture 2. Classification of external forces
Lecture 3. Tension, compression. Normal stress
Lecture 4. Hooke’s law
Lecture 5. Poisson’s ratio
Lecture 6. Experimental study of materials in tension and compression
Lecture 7. Ductility of material
Lecture 8. Compression test
Lecture 9. Elasticity and plasticity. Unloading and reloading
Lecture 10. Allowable stresses and allowable loads
Lecture 11. Stresses on inclined sections
Lecture 12. Strain energy
Lecture 13. Stress concentrations
Lecture 14. Fatigue
Lecture 15. Dynamic loading
Lecture 16. Suddenly applied load
Lecture 17. Statically indeterminate structures
Lecture 18. Temperature effect
Lecture 19. Prestrains
Lecture 20. Nonlinear behavior
Lecture 21. Torsion. Introduction
Lecture 22. Angle of twist. Shear stresses
Lecture 23. Pure shear
Lecture 24. Strains in pure shear
Lecture 25. Strain energy in pure shear and torsion
Lecture 26. Thin-walled tubes
Lecture 27. Bending. Types of beams
Lecture 28. Stresses in beams. Introduction
Lecture 29. Normal stresses in beams
Lecture 30. Composite beams
Lecture 31. Design of beams
Lecture 32. Buckling and stability
Lecture 33. Columns with other support conditions
Lecture 34. Spherical and cylindrical pressure vessels (biaxial stress)

Авторы работы: Андриевская Стелла Ивановна